Vending 101: Facts and Information
"But all I know about vending is how to put money into a machine!"

    So, you want to be in the vending business...
It certainly can be rewarding, but always remember: "There is no way to get rich quick."

The staff at
Arizona's Best Vending Machine Sales & Service (ABVM) has over 60 years of vending experience. Our knowledge, which we gained through trial and error, is freely given to folks like you. Our mission is to assist vending operators in achieving their goals. Remember there are always inherent risks in any business venture. We are here to help make this successful for you.

We've developed some basic information for you to use when deciding if, or when, vending may be appropriate for you. We hope that you purchase every vending machine that you ever need from us, but if you don't we sincerely hope that our advice is helpful as you make your decisions.

    Some basics to keep in mind...
  • Decide what services you will offer. Will you be a 'soda beverage only' vending supplier, or will you also offer candies, chips and other items.
  • Find locations by networking contacts that you already have. Friends, family, neighbors, other members of church or civic groups that you belong to. Don't forget the people you do business with, such as insurance salespeople; they have a lot of contacts.
  • Net profit, revenue minus the cost of product, should be at least 50%. Your net profit will directly be tied to the selling prices you agree to with a potential location.
  • Always have a location before you buy equipment.
  • Always buy machines from a local, reputable equipment dealer. Stay away from '1-800-make-a-fortune' vending ads.
  • Place your machines in high traffic, and secure areas. Pay attention to the details, like narrow doors, stairs, etc. The ideal spot will be air conditioned and out of direct sunlight.
    Servicing your machine...
  • Offer the location a variety of menu options. Let the customer choose from a list of products that you provide. This shows your customer that you value their input and suggestions.
  • Offer brand name, quality products, at a fair price for the market segment you are servicing.
    Phoenix Market Average Sell Prices
Can Soda - $0.75 to $1.00
Chips - $0.65 (small) to $0.85 (large)
Candy - $0.85 to $1.00

Prices vary depending on what type of location you're considering.
Shop your competition!

  • Major players like Coke and Pepsi are not flexible about changing service frequencies. Some independents do a horrible job of stocking machines on a timely basis. Service your machines before they are empty. This is what separates you from the "other guy". You should be at each location at least once per week.
  • Post your business name and phone number on each machine. Give the customer a way to contact you in the event of a break down or other service needed.

    OK, I can do this. What do I need to get started?
Like the man said, "location, location, location". Before you go out and secure the first one, we recommend that you have a working knowledge of types and capacities of machines. Also research product supply sources. From that research you can develop a list of products that you'll offer. You'll also know where to go to purchase Coke, Pepsi, or other flavors. We suggest that you check the warehouse stores such as Costco, Sam's, and Vista/Vendsource. They are an excellent place for all of your vending supply needs. Don't forget to watch grocery store ads as well as K-Mart & Target.

The staff at ABVM are available to assist you when you have a new prospect. Call us if you're not exactly sure which machine will be the best for a specific location and we'll be happy to help you. Let's face it - money is hard to come by, and it doesn't make sense to either over or under equip an account. Arizona Vending Equipment can supply you with the proper machine, either new or quality refurbished. You spend money by the thousands for machines, and it comes back to you in quarters, nickels, and dimes. We will help you spend your money wisely.


You provide service to people, not buildings. Just because it's a big building doesn't mean it's a good vending account.

Take advantage of some great financing options. With approved credit we may be able to offer no down, and 90 days same as cash. Often, you can place a machine on location and let it earn money for 3 months before making any payment.

Of course, we are able to make Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card transactions for your convenience. Cash is always cheerfully accepted, as well as checks.

We will work hard to help you make this a fun and rewarding venture.  Call us @ 602-999-0532.

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